The U.S. Blind Tandem Cycling Connection endeavors to increase the participation of individuals who are visually impaired or blind in the exhilarating sport of tandem cycling.
We serve as a resource to:
  • Connect blind and visually impaired cyclists with sighted cyclists
  • Educate people about tandem cycling
  • Disseminate information about tandem cycling clubs, events, and opportunities
  • Address the needs of the blind tandem cycling community

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Hello, tandem cyclist,

You are receiving this message because you have created a profile on our
website,, as either a tandem captain or stoker.
We would appreciate you taking our 2-minute online survey about our
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The US Blind Tandem Cycling Connection

Bicycling Blind: Connecting with a Tandem Captain or a Stoker


Would you like to connect with a tandem captain or a stoker? Our database of cyclists is constantly growing, so please log in to your profile on our Bicycling Blind website and use either the Find a Captain or the Find a Stoker link to begin your search for a tandem partner near you.

Also, please check your profile to make sure your email address and phone number are up to date.  If we can help you share the ride, please let us know.

Christine Tinberg, Founder

U.S. Blind Tandem Cycling Connection

ride [at] bicyclingblind [dot] org


Riding a tandem makes me feel so alive.  I don’t have to worry about watching where I am going.  I can open up the throttle and fly.  I am so grateful to any pilot who shares the ride with me.

— Ron Burzese, Stoker, Sacramento, CA

Recent News Coverage of

Blind Stoker Club commended by Bicycling Blind

 A reporter from the U-T San Diego newspaper contacted the U.S. Blind Tandem Cycling Connection for their input on the San Diego based, Blind Stokers Club.  The Club is the largest and most successful of its kind in the USA.  They hold regular rides throughout the year, often to fun venues such as Balboa Park, a Padres game, or an Air Show.  They also host the Cycling for Sight ride each July to raise money for the San Diego Center for the Blind.

Latest on the blog

September 03, 2019 by ctinberg

Chuck H. from Missoula, Montana, wanted he and his wife’s tandem to help blind/VI cyclists get out and ride.  So, he contacted us and our Executive Director just happened to be in Missoula this summer. Perfect timing! She transported the bike to Oregon Adaptive Sports located in beautiful Bend, Oregon.  Here is a photo of their Executive Director, Pat, receiving the tandem in August.  Thanks, Chuck! Your Burley will now ride the roads of Central Oregon!