Bicycling Blind Los Angeles

We enjoyed warm weather today as we pedaled 26 miles out to Hidden Valley and back for our October ride.  We don’t have enough captains to meet the demand each month.  Please contact us if you can share the ride!  If you don’t own a tandem, we’ll loan you one and train you to captain a blind stoker.

Los Angeles Bicycling Blind Group Rides

Photo Courtesy of James Hickey Photography

We are sharing the ride in the Conejo Valley, which is considered one of the best road biking regions in southern California due to wide streets, bike lanes, and a variety of terrain.  We meet once a month on a Saturday morning and pedal for 25-30 miles.  Stokers travel from downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, and the San Fernando Valley.

Cycling for Sight Tour, San Diego

The 2013 Cycling for Sight Tour is July 12 - 14.  Pedal 200 miles over 3 days in southern California.  Start and finish is in beautiful La Jolla.  This event ride raises money for the San Diego Center for the Blind and the Blind Stokers Club.

Tandem Racing Opportunity in California

The Annual Redlands Bicycle Classic, April 4th - 7th, 2013, in Redlands, California, has opened a Tandem Class B category.  The cost is $30 per race (Time Trial, Road Race, Criterium) or $100 for all races.  The first 10 out of California race participants to register and pay in full will receive $200 towards travel expenses.  Membership in US Paracycling (only $15) is required to participate in the races.  Visit their website to register or call Cotie Williams at 909-558-6664 if you have questions.

Bicycling Blind Los Angeles

Our group ride pedaled through Westlake and Agoura on smooth streets with wide bike lanes.  Tandem captain James Hickey took this on-the-fly iPhone photo of one tandem team. 



Bicycling Blind Los Angeles - February Ride

We are building a committed group of captains and stokers that ride once a month.  In February, we rode 22 miles around Westlake and Thousand Oaks. Gotta love our Southern California winters!  Ron Skarin (pictured in the center in the white helmet and sunglasses), a 2-time Olympian, 10 time national champion, and world record holder, has joined our cadre of tandem captains. To Ron’s right is Corey Reed, a blind, below-the-knee amputee, snowboarder who is training to compete internationally.  Come join us!

Blind Triathlete finds a Tandem Captain while on Vacation

Richard Hunter, a blind triathlete, was concerned he wouldn’t be able to keep up his training on the bike while on vacation with his family.  But, using our database and search engine, he found tandem captain, Louis Du Brey of Klamath Falls, Oregon, the same town where his family regularly travels. Richard wrote to us and said, “Riding with him made my trip!  We did 13, 33, and 70 mile rides.  Louis is a VERY strong tandem captain and so passionate about cycling that he rides his single bike with special tires with snow studs!  I have a new friend and riding partner.”  

Bicycling Blind Los Angeles' June Ride

We enjoyed a typical southern California “June gloom” morning, for our June ride.  It kept the temperatures cool and the air refreshing with a hint of mist coming down.  We had a smaller group than our May ride, since many people were on vacation.  Eight stokers went for a ride.  One blind stoker rode a bike for the very first time in her life!  She yelled, “Woo-hoo”, with joy as she and I sped down a short descent immediately out of the parking lot!

Bicycling Blind Los Angeles

Our May group ride was a huge success with 12 beautiful tandems rolling around Westlake Village.  Many thanks to the cycling clubs, Ventura County b.o.m.b. and Colavita of southern California, for providing bikes and captains.  Also, thanks to the Conejo Valley Cyclists for donating helmets, gloves, and jerseys for our blind/visually impaired cyclists.  We are aiming to ride every month. Signs for your Bike

Show motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists that you believe in sharing the ride!  Attach a sign to your bike!  Each sign is $5, which includes postage and 3 zip ties.  Made of firm plastic, waterproof, with blue raised lettering on both sides.  Email us if you want one!