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Captains, also called pilots, pedal in the front of tandems, controlling the steering, shifting, and braking.

Captains registered on this website are not required to make any commitments about when and how often they ride with blind stokers. Arrangements of when, where, and how often to ride are made between each captain and stoker.  Some may want to captain the tandem only once a year for a local charity ride.  Others may want to captain more often.  Everyone understands that tandem captains still like to ride their single bikes.  The blind stokers will appreciate any time out on the bike!

To get started, create a profile.  This doesn’t require your real name, your physical address, phone number, or email address.  But, it does place a marker on the User Locations map.  After you sign up, you will receive an email from us with a temporary password.  If you don’t receive this email, please check your account’s Junk/Spam folder, because we’ve had reports it sometimes arrives there.  Then, please make us a safe sender.

For more details about how this site works, please read the Getting Started link. 

Once you are registered, you can use the map to find a blind stoker near you, contact the cyclist, and organize your first meeting. Thanks for wanting to share the ride!

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As a father facing vision loss due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, I feel indebted to my tandem pilots who race by my side in triathlons. They have allowed me the opportunity to model for my three daughters the important life lesson that in the face of adversity one can still set ambitious goals.
Richard Hunter, age 42, Stoker with a visual impairment, Riding tandems for 1-year
Folsom, CA