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Thanks for turning me onto bicycling blind dot org where i found a pilot for at least 2 rides so far. So thanks for making such a key contribution to my cycling pleasure.

— Marc C., stoker

Hi Christine, it was so nice meeting everyone today. You have a great organization and I am so happy to help any way I can. Giving the sight challenged the ability to experience the magic of bicycling is so great. I just loved seeing the smiles on the stokers.

— Jim T., Los Angeles

A huge thanks to Bicycling Blind! I signed up a few weeks ago and found a really great guy and captain. Today was our first ride. Within a few blocks we were already in sync and it just got better as we rode.

— Mark R., Massachussetts

Christine, I so enjoyed being part of your crew yesterday. It was certainly one of the best mornings in memory. We enjoyed In and Out Burger, too.

— Chris F., Captain, Malibu, CA

Your organization does good work both for those with sight and for those without. Keep up the effort, it is worth it!

— Bill M., Captain, Atlanta, GA

Christine, We had our first ride with the Indiana School for the Blind last night. Thank you for your suggestions and help.

— John, Hoosiers Out on Tandems

I found two captains on the website. One I have ridden with only once and another I have ridden with many times and is an excellent captain.

— Tiffany, stoker, California

Hello because of blind stokers of L.A I have discovered a new sport and hobbie. I haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid and never thought I would ever again. I am really hooked on it I love the speed going downhill. I have met the most coolist capt he has helped me so much in learning cycling and my limits on riding. He is the nicest guy in the world and very greatful I have met him. I would have never met him if it was not for this site. I feel like a kid again and having so much fun with cycling.

— Robert, Los Angeles

Thanks to your website, we were able to find and connect with a couple, both of whom are blind, and invite them to join us at the Midwest Tandem Rally in Michigan. They live within a few miles of the rally's base so quite convenient.

— TEAMANGELL.com, Washington

Using your website, I found a captain to ride with while I’m on vacation with my family in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

— Richard H., blind triathlete, California

The real value came from the tips in the Stoker’s Hub. They helped immensely. Also, the amazing phone call from your Board member, Nancy Stevens, a world champion blind triathlete, was powerful. She answered my questions and gave me her vote of confidence.

— Luke, 1st time triathlete guide, Wisconsin

I have now been a captain to four wonderful stokers. Each has been a unique and enriching experience. The biggest thrill is going downhill and hearing the sheer joy coming from my stoker. Three of my stokers are now regulars and truly enjoy their company each and every time we go out.

— Captain James T.

My great captain and I have done several rides together, now, each one increasing our mileage. We're off again on Memorial Day, and I look forward to lots more rides with him in the future. Thanks, Bicycling Blind, for making this match-up and, I hope, many others, possible.

— Sharlene W., Los Angeles

It was real fun, having discovered something new for myself. I suddenly recall those days when I still could ride a bike on my own, I told myself those days were gone. But after last week’s activity, I feel that I’m back once again. Thanks for briefly lighting up a blind man’s world.

— John, stoker, Los Angeles

A huge thank you to Bicycling Blind! I signed up a few weeks ago and found a really great guy and captain. Today was our first ride. Within a few blocks we were in sync and it got better as we rode.

— M. Remaly, Massachussetts

Since launching my profile on the US Blind Tandem Cycling Connection, I have met two competent pilots. One, I have ridden with in three different states and on three different tandems! We have also become great friends. This site is an excellent resource! Thank you!

— Ron B., Austin, TX

Tandem cycling gives me the freedom to be an athlete and to join many other athletic folks for fun on the road.

— Sue, Stoker, Tennessee

As a Cat 1 with 30 years of racing experience, I've discovered new opportunities for adventure in the sport since I started racing tandems with my stoker who is blind. We both learn a lot every time we ride.

— Greg M, Pilot, Tennessee

Piloting is an absolute blast and a whole new challenge to racing. The sheer power and speed of it is unbelievable.

— Mackenzie W, Pilot, Women's B+VI, USA Paralympics Team